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Rules for Blog and Chat

No Uppercase

The use of Shift is equivalent to Shout, avoid this as much as possible, the same for underlines. As in any virtual place, writing in capital letters is similar to being shouting in a public place, for that reason the use of capital letters, the use is allowed only if the circumstances warrant it. The excessive use of capital letters with leads to the elimination of the comments of the offender, and if after multiple warnings ignores it, it will be reason to ban.

Not fight

The main reason for the creation of chat and comments is the exchange of information and help to the visitor, but in many cases they forget this purpose and dedicate themselves to talking about topics without personal and intellectual benefit that ultimately leads to unnecessary fights. Avoid discussions and rises in the chat. Following a fight leads to ban.

Do not Flood

Graphically floodear is considered as the sending of 3 consecutive messages by a user. It is very annoying that only one user occupies all the chat with half words. Write everything you want to express, in a single line. Maximum 3 consecutive messages is accepted in the chat and community blogger of Coca Method. That is, do not press Enter until the idea of what you want to transmit is completed, for this reason if you see this act, it is the duty of the moderator to warn of the failure incurred, if it continues in it the messages will be eliminated, the iteration of this conduct leads to the banning of the offender

Do not Talk about Sexual Issues

Many enter and ask if there is any woman in the chat, Coca Method only addresses issues that seek to strengthen personal well-being through comprehensive health. Moderator emails are only available to discuss topics related to Coca Method. These topics are censored in the chat, we ask you to avoid them.

No to SPAM

Avoid placing links to websites with similar content. Based on the search for well-being and comprehensive health, only links containing information regarding the subject of a conversation are allowed, for this reason promotions of pages with content similar to ours are prohibited. In case of repeatedly incurring in this lack is sufficient reason for a ban and elimination of the offender's comments.

About the Moderator Functions

The Help provided by the moderator is Voluntary. The Moderator enforces the 5 Rules presented. All questions regarding the moderator made by email to

About Banned users

If you have doubts about your ban, send a message to the email mentioned in section no. 6

About Private Links

Any user who participates in the chat is prohibited from requesting private links, doing so leads to banning without prior notice. If any user provides private links through the chat will be banned from the Chat and Blog, without prior notice. Any user, feel free to report to a chat moderator if someone violates this rule.

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